And This is Love, Rev. Matt Rawle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And this is love…

Rev. Matt Rawle

Love is patient,
     Satiating restless waiting
Love is kind,
     Providing generous abundance
Love is not envious,
     Poisonous placating
Or boastful,
     Selfish advance
Or arrogant,
     Condescension, berating
Or rude,
     A loveless romance

It does not insist on its own way
     It does not insist on its own way

It is not irritable or resentful
     Aggravated bitterness
It does not rejoice in wrongdoing
     Reveling mischief
But rejoices in the truth
     Illumined ballet

It bears all things
     Hardships, calamities, strife
It believes all things
     Goodness, mercy, grace
Hopes all things
     Peace, justice, resurrection
Endures all things
     All Things

Love never ends
     Love never ends
          Love never ends

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