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On the Trinity and Christian Worship

This week in my congregation we have been discussing the question, “What is Worship?”  I asked our Tuesday night Bible study class to list what is and what is not essential for Christian Worship.  Is the choir essential?  Must we celebrate Holy Communion to constitute worship?  Is it Worship without a sermon?  Children’s Moment?  As… Read more »

Rob Bell and Ghandi

I heard Rob Bell speak at last year’s Duke Divinity Pastor’s Convocation.  Although his message wasn’t as profound as his writings and videos have been, his persona is mesmerizing and captivating.  I can see why people are drawn to him.  A few days ago a Twitter fire storm was unleashed with the following video in which… Read more »

O Holy Night

Here is a video from a little over a year ago of me and Dallas singing “O Holy Night.”  I know it’s not Christmas, but enjoy anyway! [youtube=]

Homosexuality and The Retired Bishops of The United Methodist Church

Here is the recent statement from several retired United Methodist Bishops: Out of concern for the welfare of all God’s people, and, out of special concern for the people of The United Methodist Church, we, United Methodist Bishops – retired, believe The United Methodist Church should remove the following statement from The Book of Discipline… Read more »

Have You Lost Your Mind?

I love that parish ministry is never boring, but sometimes I pray for an uneventful day.  I heard a story from a congregation I’m calling “Second Church.”  Second Church just celebrated their “Women’s Sunday” with bulletin inserts and special speakers from their women’s group within the worship services.  It was a beautiful and energetic worship… Read more »

The Fast I Choose . . . Elephants and Donkeys

Lack of faith in government is nothing new.  Even though I think political rhetoric has grown to toxic levels in many cases, I have trouble searching my meager volumes of American History to pinpoint when politics were fundamentally civil and polite.  I figure if Democrats can rally together to pass Health Care reform into law,… Read more »

Pastoral Prayer, Epiphany 2 A, Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gracious God, you have enriched and enlightened us by the revelation of your eternal Christ.  Comfort us in our mortality and strengthen us to walk the path of your desire, so that by word and deed we may manifest the gracious news of your faithfulness and love. Holy Father, Father of Christ who asked the… Read more »

Advent Rising . . .

This morning began with frustration after reading an article from a TEA party member calling for the dismantling of The United Methodist Church.  I don’t want to give this idiot more press (hence no hyperlink to his website), but his words did arouse some discouraging thoughts.  How is it that as Christians near Advent’s consummation,… Read more »

Pastoral Prayer–Advent 3 A

          God of hope, you call us home from the exile of selfish oppression to the freedom of justice, the balm of healing, and the joy of sharing.  Make us strong to join you in your holy work, as friends of strangers and victims, companions of those whom others reject, and as the happiness of… Read more »

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

For this post, I’m simply thinking out loud, so forgive me for the stream of consciousness as I ramble in between reading and coloring and juice-getting with my two girls. I’ve heard it said, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” but for some reason, this doesn’t sound like the Gospel to me, never mind the… Read more »